What Is the Importance of Sincerity?

Vladimir Pustovit/CC-BY 2.0

Sincerity is important because it helps to build trust, according to Dr. Virginia Smith for Character First. People who are perceived as being sincere in their manner and words generally have an easier time getting others to believe in them and to trust ideas or plans they want to implement.

It is especially important for law enforcement officials, political leaders and business owners to display sincerity in their demeanor. When voters are about to elect officials for a public office, one of the things they try to gauge before casting their vote for a particular person is how sincere the politician seems. They want to be sure he keeps the promises he makes to address the issues that his supporters care about. If community members feel that politicians are insincere and do not really care about the concerns of their constituents, then political unrest, chaos and revolution can ensue. Many countries around the world experience this dynamic on a regular basis.

For business owners, sincerity is an important part of the customer service equation. One of the ways business owners display sincerity is by being transparent, fair and honest in their interactions with customers. People reward companies that gain their trust in this way by becoming repeat customers and referring others to try out products or services.