What Is the Importance of Oral Communication?

Pedro Ribeiro Simoes/CC-BY 2.0

Oral communication is an important means of communicating in business, academic settings and elsewhere. Oral communication also deals with working with others. Employees who are able to speak well can set themselves apart from their fellow workers.

When most people discuss oral communication, they are referring to speeches and presentations. While written communication has become more popular thanks to online communication channels, employees in many fields are expected to give oral presentations on occasion. Many people suffer from anxiety related to giving speeches.

However, oral communication also involves communicating with other employees and bosses. This type of communication is essential in modern offices. While offices are relying on email and text communication more than ever before, these communication channels are not as quick and effective as oral discussions, and fostering communication skills can help employees work more efficiently.

Focusing on oral communication can help employees gain an edge. People make judgments about others giving a speech both consciously and subconsciously, and those who stand out are able to capture the attention of listeners. While many believe that great speakers have a knack for it, many renowned speakers have admitted to practicing extensively and studying other famous speakers. A bit of extra preparation can help people make the most of their opportunities to give speeches.