What Is the Importance of Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is an important information management tool that allows users to create databases to store various kinds of information for reference, reporting and analysis. It is a flexible program that allows the performance of simple end-user tasks as well as mission critical operations.

Microsoft Access users can create tables, queries, forms and reports, and connect them together with macros. Advanced users can use programming language and its associated integrated development environment to write rich solutions with user control and advanced data manipulation.

Its original concept allowed end-users to access data from various sources. Other features include the importing and exporting of data to various formats and its ability to link to, view, query, edit and report data in its existing location. Another important benefit of Access is its compatibility with structured query language, which allows users to mix and use both VBA and macros for programming forms and logic. Access also offers queries and tables that can be referenced from other programs. Microsoft Access is a member of the Microsoft Office suite of applications included in the Professional and higher editions. It can also be integrated with other technologies such as Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and ActiveX controls.