What Is the Importance of Mathematics in Mechanical Engineering?

In mechanical engineering, mathematics is important because it is required to solve problems, to analyze mathematical relations and in using the laws of nature, which are mathematical expressions. A person who earns a degree in mechanical engineering will be primarily grounded in technical matters using their knowledge of physics, chemistry and mathematics to think creatively and analytically.

A person who works in the mechanical engineering field will also need to be able to work successfully on a team as well as with a focused and disciplined vision. Mechanical engineers are able to work with focuses in mathematics, physics, chemistry or electrical engineering. From there, mechanical engineers can focus on specialty areas, such as mechanics, design, business studies, information technology, thermodynamics, materials science and production technology, marine technology, paper technology, environmental engineering, industrial science, lightweight construction, textile engineering and aerospace technology.

Mechanical engineers are responsible for researching, developing, designing and manufacturing various tools and mechanical devices. The field is broad and full of opportunities for young graduates. In the mechanical engineering field, engineers could work on machines such as steam turbines, electric generators or internal combustion engines as well as refrigeration equipment, machine tools and robots. Mechanical engineers are typically paid between $51,341 and $72,328 annually.