What Is the Importance of Gender Studies?

Gender studies allows people in different social environments to solve gender-related conflicts by providing a common understanding regarding gender identity and relationships. It studies how men and women are the same and ways in which they differ. Gender studies enables an understanding of each gender’s needs and the unique contributions each gender makes to society.

Much gender-related abuse, discrimination and maltreatment has occurred throughout the course of history due to a lack of knowledge. Women have been kept from participation in politics and in the workforce. Historically, even when women were permitted employment, they received lower wages than their male counterparts for doing the same type of work. Women were prohibited from keeping property. In some cases, women were considered property, subject to abuse and even death without legal repercussions for the aggressor.

Gender studies examines the causes of these injustices and looks for real-world solutions and means of prevention. It promotes awareness of the value of all people, regardless of sex. Gender studies examines all spheres of life, including the home and family, the workplace, religious institutions, education, government and the media. Gender studies research also investigates the nature of gender, and thereby helps society and individuals establish healthy gender-related expectations and models of identity.