What Are the Importance and Functions of Political Science?

John Nordell/Getty Images

The function of political science is to strive to create an ideal government through the study of and application of theories about and observations about government. The importance of political science is that, without it, world governments would be stagnate and government systems would never improve. This is crucial because governments are central to civilization. Without them, mankind would regress.

Although the term political science usually conjures up images of politicians, not everyone who studies political science pursues a career as a politician. Political science is an umbrella term that includes specializations in ideology, theory, philosophy, economics and political analysis as well as international relations. A large number of political science majors choose to enter fields in which they can study and analyze politics and policies. Some also become government advisers, diplomats or lobbyists. The majority of political science majors teach. Together, all of the individuals provide a critical criticism of government that helps both government officials and their constituents understand what is working within government systems. They also help government officials understand how resources may be better allocated within the existing structure. Early philosophers theorized that government is a crucial part of society and, without the organization they provide, civilization cannot exist. Based on this theory, another way to understand the function and importance of political science is to think of it as the glue that holds governments, and thus society, together.