What is the importance of discipline in life?


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Discipline is important in every aspect of life in order to be successful and free, and it allows one to have power and control in life. A disciplined person is free of the chaos that people without that skill experience. A disciplined person adheres to and abides by certain rules and norms.

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A part of becoming successful is becoming disciplined. Nature, governments, schools and individuals need a level of discipline in order to function successfully. A disciplined person expresses this skill through perseverance, tenacity, self-control and resistance to temptations and distractions.

Discipline allows one to act according to thoughts rather than feelings. A disciplined person lists personal goals and works until those goals are accomplished, despite failures and setbacks. Discipline allows one to sacrifice instant gratification in favor of long-term goals. The discipline to work hard or complete boring tasks allows one to reach goals.

Discipline is necessary to balance work and play. Discipline creates self-confidence and self-esteem, which leads to satisfaction and happiness. Lack of self-discipline can cause failure, health issues, relationship problems and other problems. Using discipline can help one overcome addictions, negative habits, laziness and procrastination.

One needs discipline to do most activities in life such as reading, studying, exercising, developing new skills, waking up early in the morning, fulfilling promises and working on projects, Discipline helps one avoid acting impulsively.

New skills acquired as a result of discipline lead to the freedom to do more. For instance, learning a new language creates the freedom to travel to countries where that language is spoken.

Discipline works best when it is self-imposed rather than externally imposed. It ensures progress and advancement in self, families, schools and countries.

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