What Is the Importance of the Computer?

Jasper James/Stone/Getty Images

According to the Houston Chronicle, computers are important because of their ability to save money, improve efficiency and facilitate communication between people around the world. Princeton University explains that computers often have widespread household use for both education and entertainment.

Personal computers are essential for giving children and families educational advantages, according to Princeton University. These computers are also used for entertainment, primarily through the use of the Internet for games and social interaction. Researchers have found a link between the use of computers and economic, as well as social, advantage for families around the world. The advantage is directly correlated with having more advanced computers capable of connecting to the Internet.

The Houston Chronicle notes that computers have powerful business applications as well, especially when it comes to facilitating communications between employees in the same office or at different branches around the world. The ability to disseminate information across the world in a matter of seconds has saved modern businesses significant amounts of money. According to the Houston Chronicle, computers have made it possible to create reports, check for spelling and distribute information in a matter of hours, while each individual process once took much longer and cost companies more in labor and materials.