Is Implantation Bleeding Heavier With Twins?

Implantation bleeding is typically heavier for women who are impregnated with twins and may even mimic a normal menstrual cycle according to ConceiveEasy. Implantation bleeding is generally light pink in color and happens when the fertilized eggs implant themselves into the uterine lining. Although slight implantation bleeding is a normal part of pregnancy, it can also be an indication of complications and should be checked out by an obstetrician immediately.

Pregnant women who are experiencing heavy bleeding during the first 20 weeks of their pregnancies should take note of the situation immediately because it can be an indication of a miscarriage. This is particularly true if the heavy bleeding is accompanied with sharp pain in the abdomen.

Heavy bleeding experienced after the first 20 weeks of a pregnancy may be an indication that the placenta is not healthy or is situated too low in the cervix. One of the most common causes of heavy bleeding after the first 20 weeks of pregnancy is known as placenta previa. Women who have gone through multiple pregnancies tend to be more prone to placenta previa because lower amounts of placenta tissue may be positioned at a lower location in the uterus.