What Is the Impact of a Lack of Education?

Alyson Aliano/The Image Bank/Getty Images

A lack of education may prevent an individual from getting a reasonably paying job. The lack of education has different consequences depending upon whether the person is lacking a grade school, high school or college education.

If a person lacks a grade school education, the impact can be especially damaging. In these individuals, reading skills may be seriously lacking, and even non-existent. Illiteracy is an enormous social problem; not only does it prevent a person from getting a job, but it can also be dangerous. People who are unable to read warning labels on medication packages may be at risk for overdose. Similarly, they may be unable to read the expiration date on foods, raising the risk of a food-borne illness.

Lack of education may be socially isolating as well. The individual who lacks education may feel ashamed to interact with other people. He may not feel confident in the way he speaks, or may fear being called upon to read. While uneducated people should never feel ashamed of their status, they should consider taking steps to further their education, whenever possible. These steps can be as small as taking a short online class, or hiring a tutor to come into their homes.