What Impact Has ICT Had on Society?

Information and communications technology’s (ICT) impact on society is far reaching; it affects the way businesses conduct their affairs, the education system and the way people communicate on a daily basis. Information and communications technology has developed the cell phone, the Internet and innovative ways to accomplish daily tasks.

ICT´s impact on society is complex and has many factors. These include reducing the need for certain jobs while creating new opportunities in specialized fields. The music and entertainment, publishing and communication industries have been changed as a result of the breakthroughs using ICT. While many of these changes are positive, there are tradeoffs to be considered.

Take the example of the publishing industry. ICT and the Internet have made industry wide changes that have had drastic effects. Books and newspapers are being read online and the need for physical, printed copy is still diminishing to the extent that they are seldom in demand. Bookstores have shut their doors and newspapers are putting a higher priority on Web content than their print media.

This shift has cost writers and editors their jobs. On the other side of the pendulum are the jobs created by the demand. Web-savvy writers, programmers, artists and editors are needed to manage the supply of information to cell phones and laptops worldwide.