How Has Immigration Affected American Culture?

Immigration has affected American culture in many ways from adding resources in the form of workers, allowing the country to remain demographically youthful, enriching the nation with new cultures and contributing to America’s influence throughout the global world. In fact, due to the massive amounts of immigration that occurred throughout the early years of the United States, the country is considered to be an “immigrant nation” by many.

One of the ways in which immigrants have positively benefited the United States is through the way the United Sates is viewed by other countries. Immigrants give the United States a way to connect with other nations because so many of the people living in the United States were once members of different nations. It also gives the United States a strong workforce, bolstering the country’s economic prosperity.

Economic prosperity is another way in which immigrants have positively benefited the United States. Economic prosperity is one of the ways in which nations are judged as to whether or not they are powerful. Immigrants not only take jobs that Americans might not want such as low-skill jobs in the domestic service or construction industries, but they also raise the demand for American goods.