What Is Ideological Perspective?

Morten Oddvik/CC-BY 2.0

An ideological perspective is defined as the theory by which a person or group bases their moral judgement. This point of view often determines how a group or individual will act when faced with a societal or moral challenge.

In broad terms, an ideology is simply a system of ideas and ideals, though most experts refine this to mean only those that determine a person’s political and economic theory. In a group setting, ideology may even determine the policies of a company or a presidential administration. This means that by understanding a politician’s ideological perspective, a voter can gain some insight into how the politician will respond to particular issues. This can be especially important if a given politician holds a drastically different ideological perspective from the candidate’s constituents. In most cases, a person’s ideology is formed by their environment and upbringing. This can lead to a skewed understanding and unrealistic view of many of the problems plaguing those who grew up in different conditions. However, more evolved minds are able to alter their own ideology based on experiences and education. Unfortunately, with so many differing signals, it can be difficult for a young person to sort truth from opinion.