How Do You Identify Waterford Crystal Patterns?

Waterford has produced many crystal patterns over its years of history, so the easiest way to identify the pattern is to learn about the most recent and common designs. It is also key to learn how to identify whether a piece is Waterford in the first place. The most obvious indicator is the name “Waterford” etched into the underside of the piece near the rim.

One of the main ways to identify a true Waterford pattern is to check that it is lead crystal. This company produces only crystal products, which is an easy identifier. Hold the piece up to the light and observe whether it creates a rainbow prism where the light passes through it. If it does, it is crystal. These pieces should also make a melodious ringing tone when tapped lightly or when a wet finger is rubbed over the rim.

Waterford patterns are made by cutting or engraving the crystal, so look for either of these in the piece. The high production quality means that patterns feature smooth, rounded edges. If there are sharp, jagged corners, especially where it is cut, it may not be a true Waterford pattern. This company produces stemware, vases, bowls, decanters, cake holders and utensils.