How Do You Identify a Stihl Chainsaw Model Number?

To identify the model number on a Stihl chainsaw, locate the nine-digit serial number that is stamped into the motor housing or crankcase, and then reference the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer for additional details. If the serial number is worn or missing, contact the manufacturer or dealer for support.

A Marketing Number System is used in addition to the part number for replacement chains, so it is important to understand this number when replacing the chain on a Stihl chainsaw. To identify the type of chain the Stihl chainsaw needs:

  1. Understand the code
  2. The Marketing Number System is a five-digit code comprised of numbers and letters. The five digits identify the pitch, gauge, type, shape and special components.

  3. Determine the pitch
  4. The pitch is the first number in the series, with numbers ranging from one to seven. This number identifies the pitch length in fractions of an inch.

  5. Determine the gauge
  6. The gauge is the second number in the series, with one, three, five, six and zero as options. This number identifies the gauge on the drive link in fractions of an inch.

  7. Determine the cutter type
  8. The cutter type is the third digit in the series, and it is either an “R” or an “S.”

  9. Determine the cutter shape
  10. The cutter shape is the fourth digit in the series, and it features an “S,” “M,” “D” or “R.”

  11. Determine special components
  12. The last digit in the series denotes any special components, and it can feature a combination of letters or numbers.