How Do You Identify Porcelain Doll Marks?

You can identify your doll by looking at the doll marks, which are numbers, letters or symbols located on various parts of the body. To identify these markings, check the doll thoroughly for marks, find the manufacturer in the marks and check doll reference books.

  1. Find the marks

    Find the marks on the doll. These are usually located in an inconspicuous place, like the back of the head, the feet or the torso. Make note of any letters, numbers or symbols.

  2. Find the manufacturer

    Sometimes, the manufacturer’s name is part of the mark. Many modern porcelain dolls have marks that only consist of a manufacturer’s stamp. While some antique dolls have manufacturer’s stamps on the back of the head in conjunction with a mark, most have only a mark.

  3. Consult a doll reference book

    If the doll doesn’t have a manufacturer’s stamp, consult a reference book to identify the mark. Start in the appendix of the book where either the marks are alphabetized or listed in numerical order. Sometimes, the mark has the mold number on it as a reference. Occasionally, a doll doesn’t have a mark at all, and you have to identify it visually or find an appraiser.