How Do You Identify Madame Alexander Dolls?

Identify Madame Alexander dolls by Alexander signatures, construction materials and designs. Use online doll catalogues and antique doll books to identify various Madame Alexander dolls.

Many Madame Alexander dolls have the Madame Alexander signature sewed into the hairline, nape of the neck or clothing label. The markings either say “Mme. Alexander” or “Alexander.” More modern dolls only have the name “Alex.” These markings are not on every Madame Alexander doll, so ones without it are not automatically eliminated.

Madame Alexander’s most famous collections feature pop culture figures. The depiction of a famous character or person usually alerts collectors of a Madame Alexander doll. These dolls often include the name of the figure sewed next to the Alexander signature. Madame Alexander made dolls of Scarlett O’Hara, “The Wizard of Oz” characters, Lucille Ball, Queen Elizabeth II and many other famous figures.

Many Madame Alexander dolls represent a certain period with its clothing and accessories. Therefore, collectors differentiate antique and vintage dolls by these details.

The Madame Alexander dolls made before the 1930s used felt and other fabrics. The ones made from the 1930s to 1940s used sawdust composition material. In 1950, the Madam Alexander company started constructing dolls with plastic.

Antique doll databases, such as and, lists various Madame Alexander dolls with pictures. The official company website,, lists the name of many of its modern, contemporary and antique dolls.