How Do You Identify a Hohner Accordion?

All Hohner accordions bear the distinctive Hohner logo, but not all include the specific model name and number. Hohner does not maintain a central database of all its musical instruments by serial number, which makes it difficult to determine the specific age and model of its accordions.

The first step is to identify the serial number located on the back of the instrument. The Hohner website recommends contacting a representative to assist in finding the model number and age. This requires a serial number and clear photographs of the front and back of the accordion. Hohner provides contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses, on its website. Alternately, perform an online image search for the keyword “Hohner” and include descriptive phrases relevant to the accordion and its features, such as the number of bass buttons, the key types, a description of the keys and the number of voices. Try a search similar to “Hohner three row button model number” or “Hohner 21+4.”

If the serial number is not visible or legible, visit a musical instrument retailer for assistance. An appraiser who specializes in Hohner instruments, or accordions in general, can supply information; however, many appraisers charge for their services. Knowledgeable accordion experts and musicians often provide useful information in online forums and discussion groups.