How Do You Identify an Edelbrock Carburetor by Type?

To identify an Edelbrock carburetor by type, manipulate the carburetor until the Edelbrock logo faces upward, and find the base plate. The left side is stamped with a four-digit number. This number is the model number, which can be looked up to discover the type of carburetor on hand.

Edelbrock is a company that specializes in aftermarket parts for both motorcycles and automobiles. It was founded in 1938 by Vic Edelbrock, who created a new intake manifold for his 1932 Ford Roadster in order to enhance its performance. Word spread about the car’s performance, and he began making custom parts for automobiles out of the shop he owned with his brother-in-law.

The popularity of the custom parts grew, and due to the increased demand, the company released a catalog called Edelbrock Power and Speed Equipment that showcased the type of parts available.

Edelbrock turned to the racing world after World War II. The team specialized in midget car and dirt track racing. Races served as test runs for newly created parts.

The company solely serviced vehicles made by Lincoln, Mercury and Ford until 1955, when it branched out and began to manufacture parts for Chevrolet. From there, the company continued to grow, producing intake manifolds that improved gas mileage during the gas crisis of the 1970s, becoming a publicly traded corporation in the 1990s and being purchased by Industrial Opportunity Partners in 2010.