How Do You Identify If a Coach Purse Is Real or Not?

Travis Swan/CC-BY-SA 2.0

To determine whether a Coach handbag is authentic, examine the stitching, placement of the fabric and the interior of the bag. Coach handbags are made from high-quality materials and often feature a serial number to assist in authenticating the bag.

Authentic Coach handbags that feature the brand’s signature “C” fabric limit the use of the signature fabric to either the exterior or the interior of the bag, not both. For instance, if the “C” fabric is on the outside of the bag, it is not used to line the bag. The “C” should also be centered in the middle of the handbag on the front and back. Additionally, Coach produces handbags only with a complete “C”. If the “C” is incomplete on any part of the handbag, the bag is not authentic.

Coach handbags are double-stitched, and the stitching is uniform and even. If any parts of the bag are glued on or poorly stitched, the bag is not authentic. Typically, leather Coach handbags are very soft and made from high-quality leather. Except for the Coach Classic, Coach handbags are lined with fabric. A Coach hangtag may be present on some handbags.

Some Coach handbags feature a serial number, which is typically located on the leather tag inside the interior pocket. The leather tag should be free of spelling mistakes. The serial number, if it is available, may be authenticated by visiting a local authorized Coach distributor. Purchasing the handbag from an authorized distributor is recommended to avoid counterfeit products.