How Do You Identify Blue Mountain Pottery?

Blue Mountain Pottery is most commonly identified by the stylized or cursive “BMP” mark with the word “Canada” underneath. Other marks include a design with three coniferous trees on it with the word “Canada” underneath. Blue Mountain Pottery is also marked by stickers and hangtags, the latter of which comes on non-dishware pieces such as animals.

Stickers marking pieces such as decanters are blue and often have a white jug on them. The text of stickers reads “Blue Mountain Pottery” and “Made in Canada.” Other stickers have the three-tree design. Hangtags have combinations of three trees and three “signature” jugs. Hangtags are blue, silver or gold; these are used on silver pieces and animals.

The glaze used on Blue Mountain Pottery is distinct, with a traditional green hue and a drip glaze that gives each piece a unique coating. A process called “reflowing” is used in which two glazes are combined at high temperatures to create a “free flow” effect. The gloss creates a mirror-like finish.

Blue Mountain Pottery exported many pieces to the United States, Great Britain, the Caribbean and Australia. The company was based in Collingwood, Ontario from 1947 to 2004. Blue Mountain Pottery specialized in vases, animals, jugs and pots made of red clay until the company ceased operations in 2004.