What Are Some Ideas for a Military Thank You Letter?

Ideas for sentiments in a military thank-you letter include, “You’re in our thoughts and our prayers” and “Thank you for your service.” A military poem, such as, “You wear your uniform with much pride, your bravery is known far and wide” is also appropriate.

Thank-you letters to the military can begin with phrases such as, “Dear Soldier,” “Dear Service Personnel,” “Dear Brave One” or “Dear Hero.” Messages should be positive and appreciative, without discussing traumatic events, the war or death. Politics and religion should be avoided when sending military thank-you letters out of courtesy for varying opinions. Military thank-you letters can include drawings from children, clip art of American symbols such as the bald eagle and American flag or other cheerful and festive artwork. Some messy artwork, like glitter or confetti, should not be included.

A return address should be included so the soldier can reply, when possible. Troops report personal letters as their favorite items received from home. Personal stories and information about the sender are encouraged. Letters can be sent to random soldiers through non-profit organizations such as Save Our Soldiers, A Million Thanks and Operation Gratitude. Some organizations also organize wish-granting services and care packages for troops abroad.