What Are Some Ideas for Funny Pastor Appreciation Skits?

Robert Nicholas/OJO Images/Getty Images

Ideas for funny pastor appreciation skits include a mock game show and a parody of a biblical story. A good skit raises questions about the role of the pastor in church.

A game show idea is typically easy to execute and can pack a lot of laughs in a short amount of time. Have somebody play the pastor and the host can be “Devil’s Advocate.” The game is modelled on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,” except that it asks the pastor what he does with his free time outside church. Have the actor playing the pastor answer in unexpected but hilarious ways. For the question, “How many hours do you read your Bible in a day?” have the actor reply, “Not even the Son of Man knows, but only the Father.” It is best when scripture or statements that sound like scripture are worked in to the skits in facetious ways.

Another idea is to have an actor who plays the pastor go through something like the 40 Days in the Wilderness Jesus went through to refute the devil at the end, except when the pastor gets to the end, he ends up tricking the devil into worshipping him because he knows the will of God. It’s a good way to poke fun at the pastor’s personality traits while also letting him know you appreciate him.