What Are Some Ideas for a 60th Birthday Party?

Jon Feingersh/Blend Images/Getty Images

Some ideas for a 60th birthday party include a humorous roast or a celebration of the decade in which the person was born. Funny decorations that feature sayings like “Old Fogey” and “Vintage Vixen” are also appropriate for people who do not mind age-related humor.

A 60th birthday party should be about the person being celebrated. Themes should include the person’s favorite kind of food and music, which can be used to help determine decorations. An elegant cocktail party with hors d’oeuvres may be appropriate for some people, while other individuals might enjoy a more casual barbecue or potluck better.

Some recommended ideas for a 60th birthday party include sourcing newspaper articles for facts about the birth date of the person celebrating, then spreading these around the party venue as a conversation starter for guests. As a milestone birthday, another good idea is to place photographs of the new 60-year-old around the room, depicting life events such as graduation and marriage. These photographs can be either framed or turned into tabletop lanterns, according to Party411.com.

Some suggested entertainment and activities for a 60th birthday party include slideshows, a DJ and a roast. Alongside the placement of photographs around the party venue, playing a slideshow is another way of honoring the birthday celebrant. Slideshows might focus on comparisons between the past and present, or else upon aspirations for the future. If hiring a DJ, it is worth learning the guest of honor’s favorite songs and customizing the perfect party playlist.

Hosting a roast at the party is another good way of paying homage to a life in an entertaining way. Guests can either bring their own anecdotes to share, or a select few can collect stories to tell.

Sixtieth birthday party favor ideas include candy bars with personalized wrappers and cookies with edible photos.