What Is the Ideal LDL HDL Ratio?

An ideal LDL HDL ration is 3.5:1. A higher ration indicates a higher risk of getting a heart attack while a lower ratio shows a lower risk. The calculation is necessary for knowing the risk of getting a heart attack, but it is not important is determining the appropriate treatment to use, as stated by Mayo Clinic.

The important things used in treatment include the total cholesterol of a person and low density lipoprotein. A person can know his or her cholesterol ratio by dividing total cholesterol by low density lipoprotein. For effective treatment, it is necessary for a person to know his or her exact number of cholesterol levels. A person with low HDL level or elevated LDL level may be at a higher risk. An increased level of cholesterol in the blood also increases the chance of getting coronary artery disease.

Having a low cholesterol level is considered better. Doctors are still researching on the different health risks that could be connected to low cholesterol level, as stated by Mayo Clinic. Even though the risks are minimal, low level of LDL can lead to anxiety, depression, cancer and preterm birth. A person should seek a doctor’s advise if any of this conditions occur without any explanation.