What Are Some Hypokinetic Diseases?

There are a few types of hypokinetic diseases including coronary heart disease, diabetes, lower back pain and other issues. These diseases may be caused by or affected by a lack of movement and exercise, making it important for all people to keep moving when possible.

Some other hypokinetic diseases may include some emotional health disorders, musculoskeletal problems, osteoporosis, Type II diabetes and some forms of cancer. Obesity may also be classed as a hypokinetic disease.

Hypokinetic diseases are simply those that are caused by a lack of or inability to move. It’s been shown that people who are active can better manage and treat diseases such as Type II diabetes, and movement can reduce the risk for obesity or some forms of cancer.

Oxford Reference reports that hypokinetic diseases are those that are brought on, at least to some degree, by a lack of exercise and movement. This is an independent factor in a number of diseases. These diseases may progress because of the lack of movement, or they may initially onset due to the inability to move or lack of exercise. There are many reasons people could fail to move or exercise, and they include injuries, muscular conditions and other health problems.