What Are Some Hypnopaedia Quotes From “Brave New World”?

Some of the hypnopaedia quotes from “Brave New World” are “A gramme is always better than a damn,” “Everyone works for everyone else,” “Everybody’s happy nowadays” and “Progress is lovely.” The hypnopaedic messages in the novel “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley are used to control the populace’s thoughts by being repeated over and over until the people accept them as undeniable truths.

The hypnopaedic sayings reflect the basic principles of the book’s World State society. For example, the “gramme” line refers to the use of soma, a strong hallucinogen, to deal with unpleasant emotions. The other sayings reflect the society’s prioritization of the community over the individual, the identification of happiness as the ultimate goal for everyone in the society, the support of instant gratification, and the promotion of science and technology as necessary foundations of a good life. The hypnopaedic messages are also used to maintain the caste system by conditioning the populace to create workers who enjoy their work.

The messages are piped into the ears of sleeping children daily until they become part of the children’s thought process. The hypnopaedic phrases are repeated constantly by the characters in the book without an explanation of or knowledge about the meaning behind them. The society uses the phrases to force people to be content with what they have and prevent them from seeking anything deeper.