What Are Some Humorous Devotions?

Humorous devotions include “It’s Never as Bad as it Seems!”, “Life Explained by God” and “Haven’t You Forgotten Something?” These devotions convey an inspirational message while keeping a light-hearted mood.

In “It’s Never as Bad as it Seems!” the narrator tells the story of a cowboy, dog and horse who get into a serious car accident. A police officer finds the accident, sees that the dog and horse are severely injured, and puts them out of their misery with his pistol. The officer then finds the cowboy and asks him how he is feeling. Seeing the smoking gun in the officer’s hand, the cowboy responds, “Never felt better!” The message in this devotional is that, even in tough circumstances, people should be strong and keep fighting instead of accepting the easy way out.

In “Life Explained by God,” God gives a dog 20 years to live, but the dog says he does not need 20, and returns 10. Similar things happen with a monkey, who returns 10 years, and a cow, who returns 40 years. God creates a man, who he gives 20 years. Unsatisfied, the man asks if he can have the years that the animals returned. God agrees, and this is why for a man’s first 20 years he enjoys himself, the next 40 he works to support his family like the cow, the next 10 he does tricks like the monkey to entertain grandchildren, and the last 10 he sits on the porch and barks like the dog.