What Are Some of the Human Characteristics in Florida?

According to Altius Directory, Florida comprises a mixed culture of various ethnic groups such as Greeks and other Europeans, American Whites, Asians, Cubans, Puerto Ricans and African Americans. The state’s culture is also influenced by Native Americans. Since Florida is also a southern state, southern culture is also heavily prevalent. Many people from Europe and around the United States move to Florida.

Altius Directory further notes that Florida also has a large tourism industry because of its beaches and weather. Tourists from around the world flock to destinations such as Disney World and St. Augustine.

According to The Washington Times, Florida’s population is getting older, and the state has the highest elderly population of people 65-years-old and older in the United States, as of 2014. The Hispanic population accounts for under a quarter of the Florida population. According to data from Best Places, the white population comprises 76 percent. In addition, the population is comprised of 15 percent black people, 2 percent Asian people, 0.31 percent Native American people and 2 percent other, as of 2014.

Wikipedia notes that Florida is a state particularly well known for its Floribbean cuisine and key lime pie, and the state has a major citrus industry. Floribbean cuisine is an amalgamation of food brought from immigrants from all over the world, most notably the Caribbean and Latin America.