Which Hotels Do NFL Teams Stay At?

NFL teams stay at the hotels that most closely match the criteria as established by each teams management staff. According to Forbes and USA Today, this criteria may range from the type of food available to the ease at which the player buses can load or unload.

Some of the criteria used for hotel selection by an NFL team include:

1) Track Record: The hotel’s past performance in hosting a team is of major importance.

2) Food: This is one of the most important factors. NFL teams want to make sure the food is nutritious and consistent.

3) Security: NFL teams want the athletes to be left alone so they can focus on the game. They do not want distractions due to fans of the team or fans of the opposition. They also want to make sure the athletes are safe and protected.

4) Transportation: It is important that the hotel is easily accessible from the airport. Also, once arriving at the hotel, there needs to be sufficient room and ease of access for the team buses to load and unload quickly.

5) Distance to the stadium: NFL teams prefer to be located in downtown areas close to the stadium.

6) Bathroom Size: Are the bathtubs and shower heads of the proper size and height to allow use by NFL athletes.

7) Flexibility: Is the hotel flexible enough to meet the changing needs of the team.

8) Meeting Rooms: The NFL teams use the meeting rooms not just to meet. They sometimes use them as practice fields to perform walk through drills. They also set up meeting rooms to provide chapel service.

In summary, each NFL team has established criteria that meet the team needs. The selection of the hotel by each team is based on that team’s criteria.