Is Horse Liniment Safe for Humans?

The manufacturer of Chapman’s Horse Liniment says Chapman’s formula is safe for human use. They advise reading the ingredients before using any horse liniment on a human and suggest avoiding those that contain dimethyl sulfoxide.

Based on its ingredients as posted on, Absorbine Veterinary Liniment is also safe for human use. One of the more widely used brands of horse liniment, Absorbine has menthol, chloroxylenol and iodine as active ingredients. reports that menthol creams are sold for human use and are considered safe for application to human skin. Chloroxylenol is considered safe for inclusion in human cosmetics, reports the International Journal of Toxicology. Iodine is widely used as a topical antiseptic and is considered to be safe, says a study published in the journal Ostomy Wound Management.