How Are Homemade Doorbells Made?

Caspar Benson/Getty Images

A homemade doorbell can be created by combining several simple items, including a battery, bell, metal strip, reel, wire and bolts to produce a functional circuit that generates and transmits the requisite amount of electricity to generate a doorbell ring. Before building a homemade doorbell, homeowners should make sure that they have the requisite materials. Tools needed to build doorbells include wire connectors, steel bolts, a 6-volt battery, cotton reel, nail or screw, scissors, metal strip, piece of cardboard and a bell or device that makes noise when hit.

After gathering the materials, assembly of the device can begin. To start, the wire should be cut into two pieces: one no longer than 4 inches, and the other left as long as possible. The ends of the wires should be trimmed to cut off the plastic sealants around the edges. Then, wrap the wire around the bolt as many times and as tightly as it can go. This allows for the flow of electricity through the circuit. The electromagnet can then be attached to the cardboard using string. For the most basic homemade doorbell, the process stops at the last step, which is to connect the ends of both wires to the battery. More complex systems can be made by nailing the metal strip into the cardboard and placing the bell on top.