What Are Some Homemade Animal Repellents?

Homemade animal repellents can be made using garlic, herbs or peppers. Human hair, dish soap and bar soap are other effective homemade repellents to ward off animals.

As strange as it is, human hair is temporarily effective at repelling animals. To make this repellent simply put a large quantity of human hair into something breathable, such as nylon. Hang it near the garden, or wherever animals are a problem. Many animals smell the human hair and avoid it, as that usually signifies danger. Replace periodically or after periods of heavy rain.

Bar soap is another effective animal repellent. Irish Spring, Old Spice or another strongly scented bar soap may produce better results. Simply shave slivers of the soap off with a knife or grater, and spread around the area you want to deter animals from. Hanging a bar of soap from a rope and placing it near the area is also effective. For plants, fill a one-quart squirt bottle with water and a few squirts of dish soap. Spray plant leaves generously. This changes the taste of the plants deterring animals that feed on them.

Strong-smelling herbs are effective at deterring animals from plants. Herbs to use include mint and lavender oil, garlic paste and planted garlic, basil, sage and onions. Hot peppers deter animals as well. Add a tablespoon of jalapeño, cayenne or chili peppers to a pot of boiling water. Let the water cool, fill a spray bottle with it and spray the tops and bottoms of the leaves of the plants. Pepper flakes can also be placed around the base of the plant.