What Home Remedy for Roaches Actually Works?

Yogesh S. More/age fotostock/Getty Images

An effective home remedy for killing cockroaches consists of a combination of Borax and sugar applied along baseboards, under cabinets, in cracks, under the sink and anywhere cockroaches live. Cockroaches die as a result of damage to their skeletons and digestive systems after consuming the mixture.

Borax and sugar mixed in equal proportions create an effective home remedy for killing cockroaches. The cockroaches are attracted to the sugar in the mixture. This method is a fume- and chemical-free, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive method to kill cockroaches.

It may take two weeks for this home remedy to cause a significant decline in the cockroach population in the treated area. A second treatment is necessary if the area becomes wet, since moisture lessens the effectiveness of Borax.