What Are the Hobbies of the People of Germany?

German people have many different hobbies that include playing outdoor games, skating, boating, cycling, gardening, singing, playing instruments, dance, pottery, sketching, writing and so on. Traveling is another favorite hobby of the German people. In Germany, there are many fun clubs and societies where people can continue their hobbies and interests.

Most hobbies are universal and region independent, so German people are not so much different from the rest of the world. For many people in Germany, free time is necessarily spent outdoors. Like people of other countries, they also love long, sunny summer days. Many German people enjoy spending these days on the beach in the Baltic coastal regions and North Sea. Many of them love cycling and boating in the countryside of eastern and northern Germany. Besides these hobbies, the German people also love to swim in open-air swimming pools, run summer toboggan and practice rope climbing. In winter Germans love to ski in the south of Germany where many low mountains are located.

Among outdoor sports, German people love to play soccer. Handball is also popular in Germany. As far as indoor activities go, most of the Germans love to play different types of board games. Many German people spend their leisure hours gardening.