What Is the History of Monster Energy Drink?

Monster Energy drink was first created and marketed in 2002 by the Hansen Beverage Company; it was the first energy drink to be marketed in a 16-ounce can. Monster Energy drink was among the first energy drinks and continues to remain one of the top energy drinks as of 2014.

When Monster Energy drinks first came onto the scene, they were available in two varieties, the original flavor and the reduced-calorie flavor. These flavors were among the top flavors of all energy drinks and remained at the top until 2007, when coffee companies began competing in the energy drink industry. During that year, Monster Energy drinks appeared in hybrid versions that included coffee in the mixes.

Like most other energy drinks, Monster cans have a warning label that lets consumers know it is not safe to consume more than the recommended amount of energy drinks at one time. The cans also have the trademark logo that is a modified “M.” This logo has become famous around the world, due in part to the celebrity endorsements and the company’s sponsorship of motocross teams and riders. Rob Dyrdek is among the celebrities who endorse Monster and choose to use the Monster products for energy.