What Is the History of Jergens Lotion?

Jergens Lotion was founded by Andrew Jergens, Sr. and Charles Geilfus in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 5, 1882. The company was known as the Jergens Soap Company. It has since expanded to include successful personal care and hair care product lines.

The first product offered by the company was a specially formulated coconut oil soap, made specifically to perform in hard water. In 1901, Jergens expanded by purchasing the John H. Woodbury Company and the Robert Eastman Company. From the 1920s through the 1970s, Jergens promoted its company extensively while making radio history in 1946 by advertising during Walter Winchell’s Journal, an NBC Sunday night radio show. Jergens Lotion became the best-selling hand lotion in the United States, according to Kao Corporation, which acquired Jergens in 1988.

By 2000, Kao Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of personal care and specialty chemicals, produced a line of 300 health and beauty aids, plus household and food products, and earned sales of more than $8 billion in 27 countries. As of 2015, the company also owns Biore, Curel and Ban, as well as the hair care companies, Goldwell, KMS California and John Frieda.

In 2005, Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer was invented and sold out in retail stores during the first week of television advertising. Natural glow became the biggest new product launch in the hand and body lotion industry. Jergens also produces a number of daily moisturizers, creams, cleansers and Natural Glow products.