What Is the History of Feast Ice Cream?

The history of Feast ice cream begins with the foundation of its parent company, Wall’s of London. The company was famous for its sausages and meat pies, but there was no demand for their products in the summer. To raise sales, Wall’s began making and selling ice cream in 1922. Feast was the original chocolate ice cream treat produced by the company. It combined with Unilever, who brought Feast into homes worldwide.

Feast ice cream is a hand-held treat with solid dark chocolate on a stick. This chocolate is surrounded with chocolate ice cream and covered in a chocolate shell. The shell also includes pieces of biscuits. Feast is available in both its original chocolate and a mint flavor. There are also bite-sized versions of Feast produced in both flavors.

Wall’s ice cream is currently sold in England, Wales, China, Scotland and Malaysia. It is also sold under multiple brand names across the world, most notably Good Humor in the United States and Canada. Aside from Feast ice cream, other popular Wall’s desserts include Cornetto, an ice cream available in flavors ranging from chocolate to lemon, and Viennetta, a rich ice cream available in chocolate, mint, vanilla and berry. The company also produces the worldwide favorite Magnum, a hand-held dessert which consists of vanilla ice cream dipped in dark, milk or white chocolate.