Is There a Hip Bone Spur Treatment That You Can Perform at Home?

Anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy comprise the best home treatments for hip bone spurs, according to eMedicineHealth. While cortisone or other steroids provide relief when injected into the joint, home treatments often provide relief by themselves.

Pain is the most common symptom of bone spurs anywhere in the body, and the first line of treatment is anti-inflammatory medications. These ease the pain and decrease the amount of swelling that the bone spurs cause, notes eMedicineHealth.

Physical therapy often accompanies medication, and the stretches and exercises that therapists teach patients comprise a helpful part of home treatment. The purpose of physical therapy is not to get rid of the bone spurs, but instead to alleviate the symptoms with which bone spurs present. If bone spurs have limited or eliminated motion in a joint, physical therapy builds up the supporting muscles and facilitates movement. In addition to stretching, ice packs and massage also comprise effective elements of home treatment, as stated by eMedicineHealth.

If problems with mobility and pain persist after several weeks of home treatment, and the pain increases to an intolerable point, it’s important to visit a doctor. Cortisone injections into the joint are usually the next step if home treatment does not suffice, explains eMedicineHealth.