What Are Some Hinky Pinky Rhymes and the Answers?

“Five cent laugh,” “quarrelsome brother” and “comic rabbit” are hinky pinky riddles with the rhyming answers nickel tickle, quibbling sibling and funny bunny. Other hinky pinkies include “good looking cat,” with the answer pretty kitty, and “skinny horse,” with the answer bony pony.

Hinky pinky riddles take several forms. Hink pinks are riddles that require one-syllable rhyming answers. Examples include “empty seat,” with the answer bare chair, “sugary paws,” with the answer sweet feet, and “tight carpet,” with the answer snug rug. More hink pinks are “simple locomotive,” with the answer plain train, and “amusing roll,” with the answer fun bun.

Hinky pinky riddles require a two-syllable rhyming answer. Examples from ReadWriteThink include “fake horse,” with the answer phony pony, “sea cream,” with the answer ocean lotion, and “humorous cash,” with the answer funny money.

Hinkety pinkety riddles have a three-syllable rhyming answers. The riddle “two drums talking” leads to the answer percussion discussion. Other examples include “recall the last month of the year,” with the answer remember December, and “a game of chance involving fired clay,” with the answer lottery pottery.

More hinky pinkies include “the highest plastic container”, with the answer upper tupper, and “an airplane at greater elevation than the others,” with the answer “higher flier.”