What Do Hindus Eat?

by Elena Veselova/Moment/Getty Images

Devout followers of the Hindu religion eat a vegetarian diet that is based around the principle of “sattvic,” meaning “pure” or “good.” They believe that eating this type of balanced vegetarian diet prolongs life and keeps the mind clear, whereas they believe meat promotes the principle of ignorance.

The Hindu religion forbids eating any type of meat, eggs and fish. The religion teaches that these products are not only linked to ignorance, but also to poor health and disease. Although not all Hindus are strict vegetarians, almost all of them avoid eating beef due to a belief that cows are sacred animals and not to be killed.

Some Hindus follow a purely sattvic diet that also prohibits eating onions, garlic, leeks and mushrooms, as well as drinks containing alcohol or caffeine. Mushrooms are forbidden because it is believed that they promote ignorance in the same way as meat, while the onion and garlic family are thought to encourage passion. Finally, Hindus believe that both alcohol and caffeine will pollute the consciousness and keep individuals from having a clear head and clear thoughts.

Although many people tend to associate India with spicy foods, the sattvic principles that govern the Hindu diet also suggest not eating anything too spicy or too sour.