What Do Hindus Believe In?

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According to Religion Facts, Hindus believe in a variety of things, mostly related to their pantheon of deities and what they see as the cyclical nature of the universe. Hindus also believe that all life is sacred and should be treated with respect and reverence.

Many of the beliefs that Hindus have come from their religious texts, the Vedas, which are ancient texts that are interpreted by Hindu priests. The main belief of Hinduism is in one almighty being that exists in everything, who is credited with the creation of reality. This existence of reality is known as Brahman, and all of the gods that Hindus worship exist in Brahman. Because of this, it is unclear if Hinduism is a monotheistic or polytheistic religion. Regardless, Hindus believe in a variety of gods and worship them through rituals, sacraments and personal devotion.

Hindus have four central tenants: Dharma, or fulfilling one’s purpose; Artha, or prosperity; Kama, or desire, sexuality, enjoyment; and Moksha, or enlightenment. The ideal goal of a Hindu life is to seek these four goals.

Hindus also believe in the cyclical nature of the universe. They believe that the universe undergoes cycles of creation, preservation and dissolution, and that human lives are constantly moving through cycles of reincarnation. Human lives are also governed by karma, the law by which Hindus create their destiny through their words, thoughts and actions. Karma determines the Hindus’ placement after reincarnation.

Hindus also believe that no one religion teaches the only path to salvation, and that all are simply facets of God and the universe.