How High Is the Olympic Diving Board?

Paul Gilham/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

There are two heights for Olympic diving boards: 3 meters and 10 meters. The 3-meter diving board is a springboard, and the 10-meter diving board is a platform. The springboard is adjustable for more or less spring, at least 4.8 meters long and a half-meter wide and equipped with a non-slip surface.

As of the 2012 Olympics, there are four Olympic events on the 3-meter springboard: men’s synchronized diving, women’s synchronized diving, men’s springboard diving and women’s springboard diving. The events on the 10-meter springboard include men’s synchronized diving, women’s synchronized diving, men’s platform diving and women’s platform diving. Both diving boards have a series of Olympic diving styles: the front dive, the back dive, the reverse dive, the inward dive, the twist and the arm stand.

Springboard and platform events have been included since the 1908 Olympic Games in London, with women first taking part in diving events at the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games.