What Is Heritage Clothing?

Heritage fashion is a fashion trend that started in mid-2000. Popular in both men’s and women’s fashion, the heritage trend is a mixture of vintage or “heritage” fashion and contemporary style. Heritage clothing is characterized by the quality fabric, classic cut and long-lasting wear. Some brands base a heritage line on designs from their own history, while other companies create a heritage look using a fusion of popular, timeless designs and cultural style.

The heritage trend is meant by most brands to convey effortless and simple style. The pieces are sleek, embellishment-free and crisp with a slight vintage feel. Some argument and backlash has been made against the heritage trend, because some companies use the term to label fashion lines that do not reflect the brand’s design history. In the United Kingdom, where the heritage clothing trend started, pieces such as the trench coat and Wellingtons and plaid fabric have been contemporized for the trend. American heritage trend includes staples such as jeans, the American prep school jacket and cardigans, and country plaid. Women’s heritage clothing tends to be nearly androgynous and plays with the “girl-next-door” ideal with loose-fitting, boyish garments. Men’s heritage garments are more vintage-inspired and are classic but comfortable.