What Is the Height and Width of an Aircraft Carrier?

U.S. Navy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The height and width of an aircraft carrier varies according to its class, but this type of ship can be as tall as 200 feet and 120 to 250 feet wide. These ships need to be wide to enable aircraft to take off and land, and they include space for storing and maintaining planes as well as housing a large crew.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71), a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier and one of the largest in the world, is 252-feet wide. The USS Kitty Hawk is 130 feet tall.

An aircraft carrier carries its own supplies of food for the crew, munitions, fuel and engineering parts for the aircraft and ship. A lot of space is also taken up by propulsion equipment, and most of the U.S. supercarriers are propelled by nuclear power. The carrier may also carry aircraft launching mechanisms.