What Are the Health Benefits of Advanced EDTA Mega Plus?

Advanced EDTA Mega Plus Artery Cleaner’s major benefit is that it may extend a person’s lifespan by approximately 20 years through its arterial plaque cleansing action, claims the manufacturer on its website, www.miraclebreakthroughlabs.com. Doctors may prescribe EDTA intravenously to cleanse the blood of toxic metals, such as lead, states WebMD.

While many people take ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, or EDTA, orally as a supplement, to help flush their bodies of toxins or treat conditions such as atherosclerosis, heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, and Alzheimer’s, WebMD cautions that there is no scientific proof to confirm this belief. In spite of the scarce research, EDTA is officially approved in the United States as a food additive, according to the Food and Drug Administration. As calcium disodium EDTA, it is primarily used to maintain a food’s color and as tetrasodium EDTA, it is used in vegetable and fruit washes.

EDTA bound to iron has been used to fortify cereals and other foods, especially for children, for over 50 years, reports the National Center for Biotechnology Information in a paper arguing for raising the current acceptable daily intake maxima in cereals for infants. This is important, maintains the National Center for Biotechnology Information, because minerals are not always well-absorbed from diet or food intake.