What Is a Hardy Personality?

Carlos Ramos/Moment/Getty Images

A hardy personality is one that has a large amount of commitment, control and challenge. People who exhibit hardy personalities are less likely to suffer the ill effects that stress can cause on the mind and body. The personality they exhibit can buffer out the effects that stress has on people.

Stress can cause a large amount of illnesses in people. These illnesses can range from physiological to simply mental in nature. People who are in high-stress environments tend to have a higher rate of illnesses that is either directly or indirectly related to the stress that is present in their lives. People with hardy personalities are less likely to have the illnesses that accompany stress, even if they have higher than normal instances of stress in their lives.

People who have a hardy personality are less likely to feel threatened by imposing stress. Their personality allows them to cope with stress factors. The main characteristic of this personality is control and this control is often exhibited in stressful situations. These people also often have the commitment that is required to push through a stressful situation. For people with hardy personalities, the commitment is to be taken care of no matter what situations come up. Hardy personalities are also more inclined to look at a stressful situation as a challenge rather than as a threat.