What Happens If You Violate Probation in Georgia?

According to GeorgiaLegalAid.org, a person who violates the terms of probation in Georgia is required to attend a court hearing where a judge determines whether or not the conditions of the probation were violated. If it is determined in the hearing that the probation was violated, the court can revoke probation or sentence the person to an alternative punishment.

A probation violation in Georgia can result in the violator having to serve time in jail, notes GeorgiaLegalAid.org. If a judge imposes an alternative sentence, the judge can require that the violator spend time in a rehabilitation program, complete community service or attend a probation detention center where the person works to pay off a fine for violating probation.

The source reports that there are two ways to violate probation in Georgia: a technical violation or a substantive violation. If a probationer breaks probation by a substantive violation, it means that the person has committed an additional crime. A probationer who violates probation with a technical violation has failed to meet a condition of probation, including failure to pay a fine or fee, failure to report to the probation officer, failure to perform community service or failure to meet the requirements of probation. Requirements of probation can include remaining within the jurisdiction of the court, not crossing state lines, not socializing with persons of a criminal nature and maintaining suitable employment.