What Happens When a T-Mobile Account Is Suspended Due to Nonpayment?

There are two types of suspension, partial or full, that a T-Mobile account can go through for non-payment. In either case, the phone cannot be used, and a fee for reinstatement is added to the invoice when the full payment is made.

When an account is placed under a partial suspension, the person can keep the number but is unable to receive incoming or outgoing calls. Data services, text messaging and voicemail, are also suspended. Under this type of suspension, the monthly plan remains the same and the monthly rate is still charged, including all fees. In addition, if the person has insurance, that is also added to the invoice, even if usage is suspended.

With a full suspension, the person also keeps the number and is unable to receive calls, use data, texts and voicemail. The difference between the full and partial suspension comes down to the monthly rate. In this case, the person keeps the monthly plan, but the monthly fees are prorated.

People should keep in mind, even if a T-Mobile phone account is suspended, the ability to call 911 and 611 is still available. In addition, if the suspension lasts for the entire billing cycle, any type of equipment or handset protection is automatically removed from the account.