What Happens at a Sweet Sixteen?

Vstock LLC/Sarah M. Golonka/Getty Images

According to SeshalynsPartyIdeas, the candle-lighting ceremony is a traditional event that happens at a Sweet 16 party. The candle-lighting ceremony is performed by the party host to express her gratitude to the important people in her life.

Beau-Coup states that a Sweet 16 party is a formal event to welcome a girl into a new stage of maturity. It is also called a coming-out ceremony.

The candle-lighting ceremony is often performed before singing “Happy Birthday.” After each candle is lit, the party host dedicates the candle to a specific person who has influenced her life by sharing a special memory or explaining how important that person is. The candle is then placed on the birthday cake. The host traditionally dedicates the first candle to her parents. The host dedicates the second candle to her godparents. The third candle can be dedicated to siblings or grandparents. Candles four through seven are dedicated to additional family members. Candles eight through 14 are dedicated to friends. The 15th candle is dedicated to the host’s best friend, and the 16th candle is dedicated to the host’s boyfriend or girlfriend. When all the candles are lit and on the cake, the party group sings “Happy Birthday,” and the host blows out the candles.